Friends enjoy a visit to the Alasdair Gray exhibition at the Hunterian Art Gallery

Mungo Campbell, Deputy Director of the Hunterian gave an introductory talk about the forthcoming Alasdair Gray Exhibition

A group of Friends enjoyed a private visit to the delayed exhibition of Alasdair Gray’s written and artistic work created by him for his well known novel Lanark, first published over 40 years ago in 1981. Mungo Campbell, the Deputy Director of the Hunterian introduced the different sections of the exhibition. We were able to see the notebooks created by Alasdair Gray showing his thoughts and writings, plus some of his original artworks and screen prints created for the book. It was a fascinating insight into the research being carried out on Gray’s archive materials that are held in Glasgow University. It was a pleasure to find out more about the work of such a talented and highly creative local artist and writer.

Many thanks to Mungo for giving us such an enjoyable talk and the team at the Hunterian for our delicious lunch.

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