Lecture - Margaret MacDonald and Charles Rennie Mackintosh 25/02/20

Our latest lecture was a stimulating look at Margaret Mackintosh MacDonald in the context of her life and work, her links to her husband, her sister and "The Four" in general. Frances Dryburgh's look at this was also to let us see how views on Margaret, her "talent" or "genius", or not, have changed from that of her own time, mostly positive, especially in Vienna and Turin, to being thought of, not only as of limited worth, but as a hindrance to her husband's work, and back to a more balanced view today. A very recent article emphasised the last view. The impossibility of ever knowing from the records how much input she had to Charles' work was also noted. Frances is always a joy to hear and this lecture was another example of her knowledge and enthusisam for us to share.

Margaret Anderson 

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